Selecting a Backpack on Wheels

One of the most versatile types of luggage is a backpack on wheels, also known as a wheeled backpack or rolling backpack. There are wheeled backpacks for school, travel, hiking, and camping. There are backpacks for kids, and backpacks for adults—as you can see, designs can get very specific. In this article we will examine factors to consider in navigating the many choices for backpacks with wheels.

In picking any type of backpack, you want a size that will ensure that most of the weight is carried by your hips rather than your shoulders. You also want to think about capacity—how much stuff do you need to carry in your bag? Would it be helpful to keep different types of items separate? If so, how many compartments would you like? For example, if you’re toting your laptop computer along, you may benefit from a specialized compartment for it. Dedicated compartments for jewelry, toiletries, etc., can help you organize and keep track of your items. Side pockets are great places to store items such as cameras, and if you’re hiking, it’s great to have a place to store a water bottle. Having multiple access points to the main compartment will make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Some backpacks have multiple cinch points that allow you to customize the storage according to the needs at hand.

For the ultimate confidence in the performance and durability of your bag, choose a reliable brand such as Osprey. For example, the Osprey Packs Meridian 60L/22″ is a very high-quality unit that includes a comfortable harness for carrying as a backpack, and yet it functions quite nicely as regular wheeled luggage. It even includes a detachable daypack for day trip adventures. Osprey backpacks come with great warranties as well.

Wearing Tips
The waist belt should be resting on your hip with a snug fit, but not so tight that it cuts off circulation. Similarly, the arm straps should be snug but not pinching. If your backpack has a chest strap, it should be tight enough so that there is some tension. There are backpacks for men and backpacks for women, with the design of straps done for specific physiology. Since men in general have broader shoulders, the width of men’s bags tends to be wider. Backpacks designed for women generally tend to have hip belts with a natural angle up. Thus, for optimum comfort it makes sense in many cases to purchase a backpack for a specific gender. Hiking backpacks and camping backpacks should have waterproof covers, for obvious reasons. It is also helpful to have a design that allows for ventilation.


There is much to love about rolling backpacks—they give you the option of carrying on your back or rolling like a suitcase. If you’re going to be on the go with your stuff, roller backpacks are such an easier way to travel than with regular suitcases.

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